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A new take on the Travel Journal

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Welcome to our very first creation - the Our World Flight Log. Here you will find information about the look and feel of this new very unique take on a travel journal.

This unique travel journal will enable you to capture all your flight journeys, jog your memory about where, you went, when. I have carefully thought about the layout of this booklet. This flight log is more then just about your flight it provides a small picture of our wonderful world's cultures, size & distances.

Starting with you:

  • Information About You – place for your name and other interesting facts about you, including 3 photo spaces.

  • Where and How Far – here you have the option of having the flight crew fill this in for you (we ask a flight attendant to take it to the captain to fill and sign – they have never refused) or filling it in yourself from the information on board the flight or from the Great Circle Mapper.

  • What Countries (world flags) – this section has images of 195 flags of the countries from around the world. Find the ones you have been to and tick them off. There are also blank flags for you to fill in, as sometimes countries do change their flags, and there may be a missing flag… Let me know!

  • World Map – After that you have a world map of all the major land masses (except for Antarctica) decorated with each country’s flags. The small island nations are also not on there, you may have noticed. They are just too small to add, my apologies to all those beautiful island nations.

  • Sign Posting – The bigger picture. This section adds up all the distances you have flown to see how far you have been. For example, 1/4 round the world, etc.

  • Notes – There a few notes pages for you to record any interesting tidbits along the way.

  • Vaccination – Vaccinations you have had and needed for your travel destinations.

I have also included a few short notes on the inside cover that I thought were important or interesting. I have made sure that the log book is printed on paper from world-friendly sustainable sources. That’s the FSC logo on the back page.

I hope you like it, I would love to hear what you think. Watch this space for log books for other types of travel.

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