COVID Travel Documents

Updated: May 20

Travel Documents - always changing, keep checking

Of course this is ever changing and some of these documents are no longer required in Europe but other destinations may still ask for them so be prepared:

Documents you need before you travel - Trains, Planes & Automobiles:

  1. Passport

  2. Passenger Locator Forms - different requirements for all countries.

  3. COVID requirements

  4. Mask - trains, planes & boats require masks (usually FFP2)


A few things to consider when traveling in Europe for British citizens:

1. Brexit changes - for British citizens - traveling to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. You need:

a. 6 Months - your British passport will need to have at least six months left on it before it expires.

b. Age of passport - it must have been issued less than nine years and six months ago.

Passenger Locator Forms (PFL)

1. Belgium PLF – Passenger Locator Form Belgium, still required

2. Germany PLF – Passenger Locator Form Germany (this is no longer needed arriving from the UK as it is no longer designated a "high risk" country but keep checking.)

3. British PLF – Passenger Locator Form United Kingdom for the return journey to be done while away. Fill in 3 days before you leave to come back.

COVID Requirments - Fully Vaccinated status

There are a whole set of restrictions in place for anyone who isn't vaccinated including quarantines. I am not going to go through those here but there is plenty of information online.

So, if you are vaccinated you will need the following either printed and/or downloaded to a device and ready to show anyone and everyone who asks. If traveling via Eurostar follow the link to see all the current requirements. I was travelling by myself but the same link provides information if travelling with children over & under 12 and vaccinated and vaccinated.

1. COVID vaccination certificate – I have all three vaccinations and I was vaccinated in the UK so all my information is now easily accessible on the NHS app. It is easy to download the certificate to your phone and print from the app. I did both in case I had a phone malfunction. Really important to carry your charger.

2. Pre-departure COVID test – either 72-hour PCR test or 24-hour Antigen test. I opted for the Antigen test which I took at St Pancras before I boarded. It was quick and easy on the upper level at the station. I used Collinson group's testing centre. But there are other choices follow the link.

Top Tip - be very careful when deciding to book a test. Make sure it is the the type you need. Some countries require you to have a supervised antigen test and some you can do yourself at home.

3. 270 day rule - to qualify as fully vaccinated, if you don’t have a booster, some countries require, that your second dose of the vaccine was less then 270 days before entry into the country.

4. Children - the requirements differ between countries so check each one you are going to and through.

This is an example of my trip to Germany. A lot of these have changed but other countries still require some or all of these as of the 3rd of May 2022.
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