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NEW! Our World Travel Books

Some of the books we have chosen using the new Bookshop organization's website.

You can find us here -

About Our World Travel Books

Here you will find a collection of travel guides and stories specially curated for you by Our World Travel Logs. We've drawn on recommendations from friends and family, so it encompasses books that have been invaluable partners and guides on all our travels.

The books have been chosen to inspire travel in more sustainable, responsible, and regenerative ways. I am working on a blog explaining these terms in relation to travel!

As we emerge in 2021 from this dreadful pandemic, many of us will be desperately looking forward to travelling again, but the climate emergency and Coronavirus should make us think even harder about how we go about this. We hope that these books will help us value, and respect every aspect of what travel entails.

Our World Travel Logs is an independent small business where you can find blogs (about travel and sustainability) and our own designed travelog booklet to record your adventures using FSC paper (paper from sustainable sources).

We hope, whoever you are, you will enjoy our selection and enjoy knowing that you are aiding in the survival of local bookshops.

That's us, who are you....

Wanderlust or an armchair traveller?

If the desire for travel is something you cherish this list of books is for you.

Whether daydreaming of the when, or the where too or perhaps enjoying the fantasy of the not yet known here you find some inspiration.

Perhaps you have a passion for learning?

Is your desire to find out more about a place, understand the people, the culture and perhaps challenge to your point of view. Here we hope you will find a selection of thought provoking books for you.

About Bookshop . Org

The organization that makes this possible is called And to find us you have to use this link - Our World Travel Books. A friend of mine uses it for her business (Booktalk - curated list of children's books) and told me about it when it opened it's "doors" here in the UK about a month ago. It all started in the US. If you are interested in knowing more there is an article in the Guardian.

How it works is simple - purchase a book through the site and money goes to independent bookshops. Bookshop . org raised about £12,000 on day one for UK bookshops and currently the amount now raised stands at over £500,000.

Here is a quote from the Guardian article:

"Bookshop is a benefit corporation in the process of applying for B Corporation certification in the UK, created with the mission “to benefit the public good by contributing to the welfare of the independent literary community”. Rules state that it can never be sold to a major US retailer, including Amazon."

Examples from our bookshop

Here are just a few examples of what you will find on my shelves in the Our World Travel Book Shop and how it looks. Shop through my link / and find other links to shop from to make sure all your purchases give money back to the independent literary community! What could be better?!

Driving Over Lemons was one of my favorite discoveries a few years ago. I haven't read the update yet but it is on my Christmas List!

Recommended by a friend and a place I have always wanted to go

About Greece, where my parents met and written by my father-in-law, another favorite of mine! Definitely a much loved country among my family.

This is from my sustainable travel shelf and one I haven't yet read. It is just out - I am all about finding Joy in everything!

Enjoy traveling even if it is from your armchair at the moment....

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